Posture Archetype Professional

Become the Official Posture Archetype Professional to grow your practice
with a Done-For-You and clear system



✔️ Lifetime Access to the Posture Archetype Professional Online Course

✔️ Learn the primary postural distortion patterns of each Posture Archetype

✔️ Discover how to use the Posture Archetype Assessment with Posture Imaging to generate treatment plans

✔️ Get Exercise Handouts and 4-week treatment plan that are specific for your patients’ Posture Archetype

✔️ Easy to implement treatment plans for Postural Correction results

✔️ Knowing your Posture Archetype is the first step to Posture Transformation


✔️ Posture Archetype Marketing Pack

      - Done-for-You Marketing Pack with posts to share on social media and an in office handout

✔️ Posture Archetype Practice Blueprint

       - Discover how to simply implement Posture Archetypes into your practice

✔️ Market Posture Archetypes Like a Pro Checklist

      - Get the top marketing strategies to generate new patients and grow your practice with Posture Archetypes

✔️ The Postural Fitness Pillars PDF

       - Discover the 5 Posture Pillars for each Postural Archetype Treatment Plan with the Postural Fitness Pillars PDF

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